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The benefits of massage have been professed since early civilisation, with Hippocrates himself declaring “Anyone wishing to study medicine must first master the art of massage…The physician must be experienced in many things, but most assuredly in rubbing. For rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is too tight”.

Fast forward a few thousand years and modern research is beginning to lay down credible science to underpin this ancient art.

Studies are exploring treatment outcomes such as stress and anxiety relief, improved immunity and sleep, effective pain management and increased physical performance, linking these with assistance in the management of a number of health conditions including depression, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, fibromyalgia, MS and cancer. There has even been suggestion that massage can assist the development of infants!

Whether therapeutic or remedial, the benefits of touch for myriad healing purpose are fast becoming a sought after necessity in an increasingly disjointed world.
Watch this space as the journey toward more styles of massage and are added and their benefits explored!

Massage is the process of rubbing or pressing soft tissues and muscles to soothe, stimulate, or rehabilitate.

Massage has many benefits such as alleviating pain and stress, increasing blood circulation and lymph flow, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening the immune system.

It’s been used for thousands of years in many cultures around the world.

Massage is a wellness therapy. It is a technique in which the therapist uses their hands and fingers to apply pressure to the body, usually on the muscles of the body.

With regular massage treatments, you may experience increased range of motion, improved muscle function and reduced back pain.

People who receive massage also find relief from anxiety, depression, and headaches.

  • $40 – 30 minutes
  • $70 – 60 minutes
  • $110 – 90 minutes
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