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Learn how to Meditate for health and wellbeing by using simple take home techniques. Group Meditation is very effective and enhances the meditation experience and overall benefits, which include how to relieve feelings of external pressures, find greater relaxation, improve your immune system and mental clarity.

Why Group Meditation?

• Connection

There’s no shortage of ‘communication’ these days, but how often do we really connect in a true sense with the people around us? When we experience the same silence as the people sitting next to us, we discover a sense of connectedness that is very powerful.

• More powerful meditation experience

The ‘ripple’ effect of meditating in groups can make the individual experience more profound and powerful for meditators.

• Part of a community

The connections and bonds we make with others while meditating can form the pathways for lasting friendship and unite us around a sense of common purpose.

• The power of many

Numerous studies show that a large group of people meditating together can have a measurable effect on the greater population and the world.

During this short 5 week course you will learn how to overcome obstacles to Create a lasting practice and have simple take home techniques and tips that take no more than 5 mins a day to build lasting and cumulative benefits.

Your regular Meditation practice will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and nourished so you can thrive through your day

Sound Baths are currently being held in Mount Compass on a Tuesday Evening 4,30pm to 5.30pm or 6pm to 7pm.

A card will be created for a 5 class pass. There will be about 3 months to use the 5 class pass, however these may be extended on an individual basis, just let us know

Bring your own cushion if you . Tea and water is available. Cushions, Mats, Blankets and chairs are available.
Consession rates are available. Booking essential.

Book your place now as bookings are essential.
Limited spaces available

  • Drop In (1 class) – $20
  • 5 Classes – $80
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