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Spiritual healing is defined as “healing in which the healer uses spiritual means, such as prayer, ritual, or a belief system, to help the person being healed”.

There are many benefits of spiritual healing, including helping people to relieve stress, ease emotional turmoil, and generally feel better about themselves. This form of healing is especially beneficial for those with emotional or mental illnesses.

As a spiritual healer herself, Sue (owner of Divine Feather) will help you be more in touch with your inner, spiritual self and your higher power. She will provide a space for you to release the hidden emotions and memories that may be blocking you from moving forward in your life, and help you move towards a healthier and more connected spirit.

Spiritual healing is the act of restoring balance to all parts of one’s being spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. It also includes the integration and harmony of the spirit, mind and body. Spiritual healing is a process of providing hope, support and empowerment to heal oneself on all levels.

  • 30 minutes – $70
  • 60 minutes – $85
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