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Cuppa And Chat – Thursday October 13, 2022

I am putting a call out to all of the empowering tribes of spiritual people and like-minded souls (what I like to call Earth Angels), as we share, heal and enrich our time together through the power of community.

Through the power of a “cuppa and chat.”

This “cuppa and chat” session which takes place at Divine Feather on Thursday October 13th starting from 1pm and finishing at 2:30pm, will include meditation, healing and other craft/making activities plus, there will also be a bring and swap which includes cards, books, crystals etc…

This is a group for like minded people like you. We all need to allow ourselves time. Lets help each other heal and grow so we can all just simply be… Ourselves.

Let’s bring positivity to our minds and souls. There will only be love and acceptance within this group.

All are welcome. Limited spaces are available and of course tea is provided.

To participate in this upcoming Cuppa and Chat session will cost $25 per person. Booking Essential. Call 0475 911 415 for more information.

Cuppa & Chat
Thursday, October 13th
Divine Feather
1:00pm – 2:30pm


Sue x

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